Comprehensive vein care

According to renowned German physician Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) “we are as old as our veins and arteries.” Throughout the body, blood is transported through a system of complex tubes: our arteries and veins. The blood pumped from the heart is transported into the body via the arteries, and is returned to the heart via the veins. The arteries and veins are essential components of our body, which is why regular testing and prevention are extremely important.

Diagnosing vein diseases

We perform vein testing for suspected:

We examine venous drainage to diagnose:

Treating vein diseases

We treat varicose veins, including spider veins and venous insufficiency in the saphenous veins. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may involve any of the following:

Deep vein thrombosis and phlebitis treatment:

  • instructions for compression therapy and
  • physical therapy (“vein exercises”).

Diagnosing arterial disease

Diagnostic testing of the arteries should be performed prophylactically for individuals at risk for cardiovascular and peripheral artery disease. The most common risk factors include the following: high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, smoking and a family predisposition. The probability of vascular disorders (stenosis and less commonly, aneurysms) is increased for at risk patients.

Typical conditions include stroke, heart attack, aortic disorders, stenosis of the abdominal and renal arteries, and disruption of blood flow to the arm, pelvis and leg arteries.

Duplex ultrasound of the carotid (neck) arteries, the abdominal aorta, the mesenteric, renal and pelvic arteries and the arteries of the extremities (arms and legs).

Venous testing using Doppler ultrasound (ankle-brachial index - ABI)