Endovenous laser treatment

What is laser therapy?

At our practice, we offer laser therapy for varicose veins. Dr. Schwarz was one of the first physicians in southwestern Germany to introduce the laser method with a new generation of devices. He alone has already used this method to treat over 2,000 patients. Dr. Schwarz has published his treatment results in U.S. medical journals and has presented them at leading international meetings and conferences. The results show that treatment is effective and that varicose veins were eliminated in nearly 100% of his patients. The method is safe and most patients do not require pain relief after the procedure. The risk of thrombosis is close to 0%, since mobility is not restricted after the procedure. Nerve damage that may cause leg numbness after the surgery is extremely rare.

Who is eligible for treatment?

This treatment is appropriate for patients with trunk veins and side branches, as well as patients with progressive disorders of the veins connecting the superficial and deep veins and for patients with venous congestion.

How does the treatment work?

Endovenous laser treatment takes between 45 and 60 minutes and is performed with local anesthesia and ultrasound monitoring. A needle is used to make a small puncture next to the diseased vein, similarly to an IV. A catheter is threaded into the vein and then a local anesthetic solution is injected around the vein. The laser is charged and using the catheter a fiber is threaded to the upper end of the diseased vein. As the fiber is withdrawn the laser closes off the vein. Dr. Schwarz exclusively uses the newly developed techniques involving radial fibers, which have been shown to have far fewer side effects than other methods. The patient is able to go home right after the procedure. After a few days, a follow-up ultrasound is performed.

At our practice, endovenous laser treatment is performed with cutting-edge laser technology. The entire practice team has extensive experience with this method.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

You do not need to fast before you undergo endovenous laser treatment. You should have someone accompany you to the treatment and you should not drive afterward. After treatment, you should walk for about 30 minutes (see the Laser therapy information and consent sheet).

What costs are covered by health insurance providers?

The costs of the procedure are reimbursed for privately insured patients and patients with a civil servants’ allowance (“Beihilfe”). Endovenous laser treatment is not covered in the benefits catalog of the statutory insurance providers (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse”), which means that patients with these providers generally need to pay for treatment as self-payers. However, costs may be covered on a case-by-case basis or if a statutory insurance provider has a direct agreement with our practice. Please consult your health insurance provider before you arrange for treatment. We can also let you know whether we have an agreement with your health insurance provider.